Indian Server Hosting update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear client,We wanted to reach out today and assure you that we are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and are working to ensure we meet the needs of our customers as well as provide for the health and the safety of our employees. We realize this health situation has already been disruptive to many businesses across the globe ... Read More »

18th Mar 2020
DC2] Scheduled maintenance in Room 205 / Racks : C1>C8 - D1>D8 - E1>E7,

A scheduled maintenance is planned in part of the room 205, DC2, in order to optimize and upgrade our infrastructure. The impacted racks are : C1>C8 - D1>D8 - E1>E7 As a result servers will lose their public network connectivity as our router is being upgraded, but private network connectivity will still be functional. Public network ... Read More »

13th Feb 2020
Important - Upcoming Registry price change

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming registry price changes for TLDs. The revision of the prices is due to the change in the cost price from the registry of the TLD. The following prices will be applicable for new Registrations and Transfer-ins: TLD Base Slab Slab 1 Slab ... Read More »

4th Dec 2019
Multi-year Subscription SSL

Multi-year Subscription SSL   Great news to the SSL market! Now most SSL certificates are available for 3, and 4-year Subscription Plans. For security reasons, your certificate will initially be issued with a maximum 2-years validity. Prior to the expiration, We will contact you to replace your certificate for another maximum duration ... Read More »

16th Nov 2019
Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo!

On 1st November 2018, Comodo CA announced the rebranding to Sectigo. The current changes affecting only naming and no changes to products or prices. However, there is one positive change, Sectigo decided to allow Yellow Pages resources for phone verification, that is a good move to help people around the world to get OV/EV certificates ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2019
Your GST number does not look like an Indian GST. Will I still be able to get GST credit?

ISH is a non-resident OIDAR service provider, so the format of our GST number is different than the format for resident service providers. This does not affect your ability to claim GST credits or pay the GST under the Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM).

30th Jan 2019
Why doesn’t the term “reverse charge” appear on my invoice?

The services offered by ISH  are OIDAR services. Unlike services offered by domestic companies, there is no fixed invoice format for OIDAR services, so the term “reverse charge” does not need to appear on your invoice for you to be responsible for paying it. If you have not entered your GSTID into your ISH account, we will charge GST and it ... Read More »

30th Jan 2019
Important: Domain price revision on 1th September 2018

Due to the sustained increase in the value of the USD against the Indian Rupee, we are unfortunately forced to revise and nominally increase the prices of some of our products. This price change is purely an outcome of the extraordinary growth of the dollar. We assure you that if the trend reverses, we will review the prices again and pass on any ... Read More »

1st Sep 2018
No more 3-year SSL certificates

No more 3 year licensing. The SSL industry is further shoring up their defenses, and doing away with 3 year certificate licesning terms on all SSL! Effective the 1 st March 2018, the new maximum permissible term on any and all certificates will be 2 years, well actually, to be specific 27 months. The 27 months comprises the initial 24 months ... Read More »

24th Apr 2018
Preparatory task for Mysql upgrade - Reset Mysql users passwords

Dear Customer, It has been our constant endeavour to make continuous improvements to our infrastructure in terms of stability and security. For the next step in this process, we are planning to upgrade the MySQL version from v5.5 to the latest stable version supported by cPanel on all our shared linux hosting servers. This will help us to improve ... Read More »

13th Sep 2017