• Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Changelog - Aug 3, 2020


Hub V1.0.3

Redis Object Cache

  • Redis Object Cache is turned off by default for the new Hub installation.
  • Rewrite Redis Object Cache and Object Cache drop-in file.
  • Add the "Debug Redis" an option that enables Redis Object Cache statistics (hit, miss, ratio, and size) at the footer. (Only viewable by Administrator role).
  • Auto-update and auto-remove drop-in file when Redis Object Cache is enabled/disabled.
  • Fix redirect issues caused by Redis after changing the home URL (domain/subdomain).


  • Improve speed when fetching server health and transfer stats data from  Panel.
  • Make "Last Update Time" to be easily readable.
  • Fix some cases where stats are empty after installing/updating the Hub plugin.

Runcie Rules

  • Show success/failed notification after updating cache rules to the server.

Runcie Preload

  • Background preload sleep interval now follows the Preload Speed option.
  • Fix Background Preload doesn't start running after switching from Admin Preload.

WordPress Multisite

  • Increase the limit of "get_sites" from the default (100) to 500, to support a multisite network that has more than 100 subsites.

Client Mode

  • Fix magic link and stats option turned off after disabling client mode constant.

Plugin Compatibility

  • Improve compatibility with WP Rocket.

 Hub Settings

  • Add a new Reset Settings button, allowing users to reset settings to default settings.